hi im tessa
& i am human sunshine :+)

give me money if u wanna

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Anonymous said: tell me, have you ever eaten meat? been a bystander to a bully? kept a false rumour to yourself? Lied? Had messy hair? Had your clothes tear? Touched anything Leather? Stolen? Said God damnit, or God Damn? Judged someone? Worn clothing Made of mixed Fabric? Cut your hair at the sides? Sat when someone over the age of 55 was around? Hurt someone? All are forbidden things from Leviticus. All Are Punishable by Death.

ok why u geeks think im caring about this bible bull shit?

CAPTAIN AMERICA FA Interview: Sebastian Stan, "Bucky" [x]

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i cant believe i have only kissed one person i deserve better than this -_-

this is a sign to never say this again

this is a sign to never say this again

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i never got voted “most likely to/most Whatever” in high school because nobody knew me. :) most Mysterious Enigma

Anonymous said: You do realize that the bible never says anything against sex, right? It is also full of incest, aldultery, and deciet, but thats a different story.

*deceit :) haha hun jesus himself told me that it is fucked up and wrong so take it up with the boss…:)

Anonymous said: Top 5 sex positions!!

-snorkeling thru the pussy
-jumping off a couple storied building to land on dick
-kicking their ass
-running at each other very fast and hoping every thing goes in all right
-not having sex

reallylameblog said: Top 5 Me lol

1.) “Just Meeting Tessa & Hugging” Shannon
2.) “Shitting My Pants” Shannon
3.) “I’m hell! I’m damn shit!” Shannon
4.) “I Just Stole A Kiss” Shannon
5.) “Turnt” Shannon

throwback to when my mom told me never to marry someone who wasnt white bc Think Of The Children =\

helpful alarms for a happy life

helpful alarms for a happy life

Anonymous said: top five fave bloggers?


Reallylameblog x5

those messages like “dont believe the haters ur body is beautiful:)” are really ???
like nobody has been sending me rude messages but apparently ur expecting them to? idk just sounds weird and backhanded

Anonymous said: top 5 favorite bands!!!!!!!!

fall out boy… one direction..
arctic monkeys i guess..? i literally listen to 0 music, these are the ones w complete albums on my ipod so Haha

Anonymous said: could u pls link me to ur post that was like "i spent too many years hating myself dont tell me i love myself too much now" or s/t

this one┬┐